the san diego chapter of the

employee assistance professional association

San Diego EAPA



Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Our Mission

To promote the highest standard practice and the continuing development of Employee Assistance Professionals. Continuously improve our resource on an organizational level, to provide the most satisfaction to our members.


Vision Statement 

We value the diversity of our Chapter members. We strive to continuously improve the competency and qualifications of Employee Assistance Professionals by providing professional speakers and hosting educational events with professional speakers.  Our goal is to contribute valuable information to this field, that we can all use on a daily basis, both with our clients and within the organizations we support.

Value Proposition

1. To continuously improve San Diego EAPA's structure and resources to pursue its Vision,

     achieve its Mission, and fully satisfy the needs of its members.

2. Promote access to Employee Assistance services for all employed persons and their families.

3. Support the highest level of ethical practice among Employee Assistance Professionals.

4. Continuously improve the competency and qualifications of Employee Assistance Professionals.

5. Foster the highest level of Employee Assistance Program standards.

6. Promote awareness and recognition of Employee Assistance Program benefits.

7. Provide information and sponsor research on issues affecting the development of the field and its